Vampire Love

By Amadan



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Bars. I frequent too many bars these days. There isn't one in this big city that I have not been in at some point in the last month. I know everyone, and everyone knows me. I buy huge tabs worth of drinks every night for the new initiates, thus they can dance their young asses off on the speakers, so that I may enjoy the view. Thank the Lord Above for halter-tops and vinyl pants! And push up bras, well, those were inspired by Lucifer himself. Ah, today's youth. They just want to party: get drunk and make love high, then roll out of bed and stumble into work or school Monday morning with their dark glasses on in the rain. I don't remember being like that when I was their age, I'm not like that now, but still I frequent too many bars these days. Yet, the women keep me coming back.

These young girls with no shame and bodies straight off the cover of Cosmo Magazine, they can suck your dick until you can't remember your own name and your calling out to God for it to never end. All the while your hands are gripping the sheets or the table top until your knuckles are stark white. They are all looking for that wanderlust; that man that will take them home and tie them to the bed and then fuck them like no other ever has or will. Then release them in a thousand kisses and rushes of love before slipping an obscene amount of money into their jeans. They all want sugar daddies so they never have to grow up, and they never have to work. That kind works their entire life, in the end, to accumulate nothing because they were too busy looking for something that was never going to happen in their youth. Then suddenly its over and they have nothing to show for it save a few illegitimate kids and probably a substance abuse problem.

Myself, I graduated with my law degree two years ago. I live in the expensive area of town in a large house, and my bank account grows daily as my firm keeps me busier than I know what to do with. That's why I escape here. I turn off my cell phone and dance with the animals. I take my pick of the females here, or wherever I am, like the dominant male wolf. They cannot resist the exotic mix of my black hair, deeply tanned skin and sapphire blue eyes. All I ever have to do is smile.

All the cougars know me, though not in the biblical sense. They always try, but I don't ever bite, just buy them a drink and send them on their way. I want nothing of that old pussycat. It's been around far too many times and still its owner has not matured out of the mindset that the younger ones all have. Pathetic really, least the younger ones have their youth. But then again you don't have to be old to be a cougar. There is always a few in the room that have pushed a few out and still come. They leave the boyfriend, fiance or hubby at home and they go out partying. You can see them coming a mile away, and they resemble bar girls, but they have half the class and they no longer have the body. The one over there with the real cougar looks as if she's carrying the next one, no matter how hard she's trying to hide it. Man I pity the sucker who's sitting at home with the kids and I pity the next sucker more that crawls off with her in drunken ecstasy tonight. She will probably try and pin it on him. Hopefully he's smart enough to run where the one at home wasn't.

Man I have to start dating some class. The senior partners keep telling me I need a good woman; that I need to get away from this scene and let them introduce me to some of their nieces, because we all know they don't want me dating their daughters. But those girls are no different from these. These are poor white trash trying to make it good, they are rich white trash trying to keep in the money, and they have just enough of their own to fuck you over big time should anything happen. The only real difference is the amount of power they possess. I want much more than that if I'm going to settle down. Otherwise, I go for a vasectomy and become a sugar daddy. That thought always makes me smile.

Another round of drinks and it's twelve o'clock. Time to disappear, there will not be any real action tonight. Moans and groans before I leave, they will all have to pay for their own drinks now.

"Leaving so soon?" a husky female voice comes out of the darkness behind me wreathed in a foreign accent. I pause. Its tone is both young and old, fascinating! She comes up to my side and slips a lithe arm through my own. "You may walk me to my car then." She smiles and pulls off her dark, wrap style, sun glasses and I'm stunned. Her skin is pale like snow, her eyes appear a more perfect reflection of my own, and it is all framed in long, gently curling auburn hair. Her face and body says she has aged twenty-three years on this earth but her voice and eyes say she has maturity beyond her time. I try to imagine her naked and then in a little black dress on my arm at an office function. Perfection!

"If the lady requires and escort to her car, then she shall have it, after proper introductions and assurance of my safety on the trip." She raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow. "No boyfriend is going to jump out of the woodwork to beat the tar out of me?"

She laughed openly; it was like a dark little melody that heaved her ample bust up under a skintight black shirt with a diving neckline. The strobe lights began to flash and I became painfully aware of the vinyl pants shining under the long sixtyish coat that she wore: all black.

"No, no boyfriends to attack you in the parking lot. Such men rarely last long around me." She smiled again and her eyes flashed with trouble.

"Well then, off we go!" and I lead her through the doors of the place and out into the humid open sea of cement and potted trees. I could not believe my luck tonight. Even if it became nothing, I had left with her and everyone, and I mean everyone, stopped to stare as she walked past. "Where is your car?" I asked with hidden fear.

"What does it matter? Where is yours? I thought we might go back to your place? That's what I came here for, not to meet a nice guy, but if I did, so much the better." We had stopped again and she was fingering my shoulder looking up at me with those eyes like I was on the menu and she was dessert.

"Well then, what the lady wants the lady gets! My car is right over here." I took her hand and lead her down the rows of stalls to where my little black Jaguar was parked.

"Perfect!" she purred as I opened her door and helped her in. Then strode around to the driver's side and slid in. She was rubbing the soft leather seats with her long white hands and I thought I was gonna blow it right then and there. "We rarely get cars like this in Russia. My father has had to wait a year for the one that he purchased. The government takes forever in the constant changes."

"Ah! So it is to Mother Russia that I owe that fantastic accent." She smiled and nodded. "I did not ever catch your name though."

"I am Katrya Aloyoskenkova and you are?"

"Michale Baryon at your service." She nodded her head in recognition. "Tell me, why does a beautiful woman like yourself, come to a bar to bring a man home? Why is there not Mr. Aloyoskenkova?" She laughed again.

"Because I like men. Any man named Mr. Daughter of Aloyoskenka is cause enough to run. All Russians have two names Michale; Aloyoskenkova is my formal name and the name of my father. There is no man in my life, as I can never seem to find one that suits my tastes for more than one evening, and I always try my men out first. If they are no good in bed, then they are of little use to me. I like sex Michale and I like power. Do you think you can give those things to me?" Katrya lowered her voice as she spoke the last line and narrowed her almond shaped eyes. She leaned into me, her eyes playful with lust as her hand pressed up my thigh. I moistened my lips and then smiled at her. This was going to be a wild night that I wouldn't forget.

She pulled back for a moment to undo her seat belt and then slide over to the side of her seat so she was nearly sitting on the stick, before bending under my arm to come up in front of me. She began to kiss my neck, lightly at first and then harder. I moaned. I would have a hickey for sure come morning. She pressed her hand up my thigh again until she found my member, then it was her turn to moan. Soft auburn hair tickled against my belly as she undid the buttons of my shirt and began to kiss my chest and stomach, each kiss getting progressively lower and more powerful and deep than the last. The chink of my belt awakened me to the fact that we were almost home and I pressed her to hold off for a moment as I pulled into the drive and shut off the ignition.

I all but leaped out of the car, my shirt still open. My bare chest felt the first few drops of rain and I could hear the first peals of thunder overhead as I opened the car door for her.

"Oh!" she breathed in my ear as she cuddled up against me. "A thunderstorm. Will you protect me?" Her smile was devastating in the lust it displayed. Her entire body was pressed up against my side, her leg was wrapped around mine so that I could feel the heat of her on my own as she nibbled my ear. Another crack of thunder came and the skies seemed to open up over us. We were drenched in sweat from the heat and now the cool rain. In one quick motion I scooped her up in a flurry of erotic giggles and carried her up the stairs into the house and then up to the master bedroom before setting her down.

We were both panting heavily. She had me forced up against the door jamb, my hands desperately trying to get at her bra strap under the fit of her shirt. She was rapidly trying to remove her coat around my hands.

A close flash of lightning and the lights flickered, and the angry roar of thunder finished off what was left of the electricity company's strength. The power was out. Dammit! I want to see this!

"Katrya," I pushed her back slowly.

"Go light your candles," she whispered back. I thought I was in love as she grasped my hand and swung her hips seductively behind me as I crossed the room to find the lighter and the wicks. And when I had done, I turned to find her standing in front of the bed, her head dropped beautifully, her eyes fixed on me with a little smile on her mouth. Her belly was peeking through a small space that my hands had made between her shirt and her pants. She had removed her boots and stood there in bare feet, letting her hands slowly unbutton her pants and then slip the zipper down for me to see. This was my lucky night.

"Let me," I whispered as I approached. She dropped her hands to her side as I pushed the zipper all the way down and then pulled her shirt up over her head. She was absolutely gorgeous. Not one flaw in that pale skin, not one mark in her perfect breasts that were pushed up so well by her little black bra. She stood there, staring at me like a bad schoolgirl waiting for me to make the first move. I watched as my fingers traced the sides of her waist until she shivered slightly at the tickle of it. I pulled her forcefully to me then, slipping my hand up under her bra strap, telling her to push off my shirt. She then let her self come to life again and undid my belt and pants as I tore off the little black bra.

I buried my face in her cleavage then, she smelled like sweet flowers mingled with sex and rain, and then the animal in me took over completely. I shoved my hands down over her tight little ass; forcing her pants down and letting my thumbs play in the top of her g-string. Her back arched pressing her breasts into my chest and I pushed her down roughly onto the bed before pulling off her pants as she giggled with her lust. Then I climbed on, leaning over her on all fours kissing her lips, neck, and breasts as my fingers found her sex. She screamed as another clap of thunder came before I ripped the little bit of fabric that comprised her underwear from her body. Katrya rose, pushing me back on my hunches, her legs straddling me to push off my own pants. She ravaged my neck for a moment, as she did so before I pushed her back down and pulled her hands over her head and pinned them there by the wrist in with only one of my own. She arched her back violently towards me as I suckled her breasts but then she tore her hands away from me as I mounted her. We both moaned loudly and the stakes heightened again and things became more violent and animal as she dug her nails into my back and then began to kiss my neck, lightly first between my thrusts, forcing me to slow down or lose myself early. Then harder and harder until I was almost painful for a moment, but then it was ecstasy, and I came like I had never thought possible. The orgasm was like no other as I lay on top of her and she continued to suckle my neck with little kisses that ran together. The beat of the raindrops on the window and roof continued in a steady pace: it was almost deafening. It was all that I could hear and it sounded like a heart beat. I moaned and smiled tiredly.

I felt completely drained, completely tired, and I drifted in her arms. She pulled the extra blanket up, that I kept folded at the bottom of the bed for rain beaten nights like this, as I shivered in the cool air that now filled the room. I felt like I could stay right where I was forever, and indeed I did not stir from it. I lay on top of her and let her continue as she willed until I fell asleep.


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