Internal Bleeding

By George Woodruff



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I am bleeding
Bleeding internally
Dying by degrees
My soul has been rent from me
My life has been suck from my marrow
My body is bruised and broken

The dogs of hell feast upon the ruin of my heart
My mortal remains are their banquet
Crucifixion would have been kinder
Hanging would be a mercy killing
There is no surcease from the murder that I suffer

Black bile swims up my throat
Choking me on my own fluids
I have no choice,
I'll drown here in my own juices
I am dying, dying by degrees

I'm told that there will be another day
Another love,
A new beginning
But these are lies,
False promises made to quiet a dying man

For I am dying now
And Tomorrow never comes
It is always a day away
I am dying now
And platitudes profit me not at all

The pain is a hungry beast
A ravening wyrm that eats the world
It feasts on my soul
Sucks my bones dry
And gnaws upon them like a dog

I am bleeding
Dying by degrees
But there are no last rites for me
I am doomed, condemned
Like Sisyphus to endless toil

Like Prometheus
My gore is torn from me daily
I'd pray to the gods
But they laugh at me
For she is among them

Oh cruel angel of my heart
You have wounded me
I am bleeding, dying by degrees
And you hold in your bloody hand
The knife that did this vile deed

I am dying
Bleeding internally
Wounded where I thought I was safest
My temple despoiled by the Holiest of Holies
I am dying, by degrees.

I look at you
My Fair Goddess
Maiden of the Moon and stars
You have killed me
And I shall never live again


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