The Jade Gate

By George Woodruff



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As I strayed upon the midnight shores
Of dark and distant Nubia
I found there in a valley rare,
In a garden of beautiful black bushes,
A Jade Gate that led to Paradise.

I explored beneath its wondrous arch,
Seeking to learn the secrets of its caves
I came upon a river flowing from the depths
Flowing from a lustrous sunless sea.

I bathed within its waters
Savouring its exotic powers
Drinking deep its holy essence
I was renewed and made immortal

I climbed the shores of that wondrous land,
Exploring its mystic mountains,
And in its dark forests I found my manna
There I ate of the sacred honeydew
And drank the milks of paradise.

Now weary miles separate us
That wondrous land is far away
Like a woman to love from afar
I can only remember the pleasure
That I had upon those midnight shores

In the land of the Jade Gate
That leads from our world
To the world of Paradise
In dark and distant Nubia


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