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I choose black as my favorite color
As black as my heart
As black as my love
As black as the sun
When covered in blood
As black as the night

On which we were wed
As black as the tapestries
That hang over our bed
As black as the eyes
Of our first born child
And as deeply black
As your soul so wild
Everywhere I look
There is darkness in view
But the darkest of things
Resides deep in you.

And there is no evil
In this darkness
Only the soothing safety
Of deep shadows
As under black covers
As inside the blackness
Of the nurturing womb
Where love is the sweetest
Suffused with the warmth
Of the arms of a lover,
A mother, a child
The blackness of the deepest embrace
Where no light shines
Yet we hold the brightest stars
Between us as we share
The black of your heart
The black of my soul.


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