I Will Not

By Imperatrix Aenigma



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You always hunger, for love and attention
I have to get by on crumbs... so I won't feed you

You always thirst, for kisses and sweet words
I slowly parch within... so I won't quench you

You scream, rant and demand that I listen

While I whisper, please... so I won't hear you
You want, you require, you DEMAND
I quietly ask... so I won't give you

I will not die of love starvation
While you feed on my heart, chew it and spit it out

I will not perish in the desert of your soul
While you drink greedily of my tears

I will not crawl at your feet anymore, begging
While you carelessly step on my dignity

I will not wait anymore for you to see me
While you finish adoring yourself in the mirrors of your vanity

I will not. Do you hear me?



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