Piloting Error

by Katelin Edge



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It wasn't that long ago, in rural Lebau, Louisiana. The night was dark and cloudy, and the winds whipped unmercifully against the two-story Acadia home of Elaine and "Bubba" Arneaux. Because of the severe weather conditions, they were quite surprised when there was a knock at the front door.

Bubba opened the door, and standing there was a man, obviously injured and wreaking blood, dressed in a pilot's uniform. He told them that there had been a plane wreck, and to get help. As Elaine called the police, Bubba followed the pilot to the site of the crash. The carnage was intense, and the smell was foul. Since Bubba was CPR certified, he began helping one of the victims, and that is how the cops found him. But by then, the captain was nowhere to be found.

Later on, the police called Elaine and Bubba Arneaux, hoping they could identify the pilot they had saw. When they described them, the cop looked at him strangely, and then asked them if they would please come with him to the hospital. They obliged, and met with the attending physician. They were brought into the morgue and asked to identify a body--the body of the pilot they had seen. It was then they found out the cause of death--crash impact. The flying column had completely sheared the pilot in half.

The whole ride home, Bubba and Elaine were speechless... and when they arrived at their home after the long drive, on the porch was a silver wing pin worn by pilots....


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