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By Lestat



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I love You,
But what does that mean?
I can't fight this anymore.
I say I may be in love with You,
But I don't want to be.
It's not truly what I feel.
It doesn't bother me.
I worry that it will bother You.
I worry about it making You uncomfortable.
Will it? Does it?
I do not know.
But "I love You" is an absolute.
It is not definitive.
"I love You" does not mean...
"I must have You. You are now mine. We are together."
"I love You" doesn't mean...
I put a chain on You...
expect You to be faithful...
expect You to love me too...
I want to run away with You...
It does not mean those things.
"I love You" means just that.
Don't ask me why I love You.
Shall I name all the little things I love about You?
It would not capture it fully,
For "I love You" means I love You no matter what -
even the things about You I may not like.
It means You are a part of the tapestry
that is my life now,
and I welcome it.
It means no matter what the capacity
of our relationship,
whether we are just friends
or lovers
I only wish for Your happiness.
I want to see You succeed,
and I will be there to help You
and comfort You
if You don't.
"I love You" is just that -
"I love You" and nothing more.
And I do
In as much as it is possible
and plausible
from where I am.
I like You.
I respect You.
I wish for joy to touch Your heart.
And I love You for the beautiful being You are.
And that is all there is.


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