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I have never worn Your collar,
And yet You have owned me.
You never touched my body,
But You have touched my heart.
You never bound my limbs,
But I always restrained myself for You.
I have submitted myself to You
As I have no other.
I have loved You passionately,
Deeply and freely with complete abandon.
Love has bound me to You.
Yet love has not been enough,
And my soul cries out in vain for You.
The pain I have felt inside
Has me in an agony far worse than physical pain.
I have endured it to please You,
To keep You,
To win Your love and acceptance.
But the pain is too much.
My limit is pushed too far.
My safeword escapes my lips
And the pain ceases.
I love You, Major
But I must love myself too.
So as I have bound myself to You,
I release myself from You
And sadly walk away.


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