Blood Bath

By Mephistopheles



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Into the steaming warmth I slip
Soon now my wrists I will slit
But first I'll lie here & enjoy the heat
Thinking 'bout the life I'm going to cheat

The water laps against my chest
I'll soon have my eternal rest
I pick up the blade of ice
In its reflection I see my eyes

Will I really take my life?
Just to end the internal strife
Icy steel against my flesh
(Of me will my friends think less?)
How did I get into this mess?

Warmth flashes up my arm
Blood flows, feel no alarm
Pink water surrounds me now
Hot, wet, pleasant somehow

Loss of blood, body grows cold
Fuck yeah! Least I'll never get old
Darkness envelops my mind
Peace is what I hope to find

Numbness & death are all I get
Maybe it would be easier, just to forget
Life after death, an aftermath
Join me, in my blood bath!


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