Basement Parking

By Mephistopheles



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FSSSTTT! He struck a match on the book that once was its home. The flame flickers briefly as he drags on a cigarette, which sucks up the flame and then emits a red glow. The man watches the flame in his hand and the dancing shadows on the walls, before he blows on it and drops it unceremoniously to the floor.

"Damn! I must quit smoking," he thinks to himself, "it's gonna be the death of someone." He begins to chuckle and the now shrouded eyes gleam. BING! The elevator to the subterranean parking's doors open. The curvaceous brunette stepped out of the lift and began walking to her distantly parked car.

He glanced at his watch. "Right on time," he mumbled to himself, as he began to follow her, silently.

She reaches her car and opens the its door, when she feels her left breast being fondled. She gasps and turns around in terror. As the scream is about to pass her trembling lips, a dirty sock is shoved in her open mouth and she is thrown roughly to the floor and kicked in the stomach. Her hair is grabbed and her head pulled back exposing her bronze throat and thin gold chain. Gagging and choking on the sock she feels his hand slide up the inside of her slender thigh, tickle her mound of Venus just before grabbing her panties and ripping them off totally. Something cold and hard is probing her cheeks forcefully and is violently shoved inside her once her anus is found. A horrible shriek of agony is cut short by a slap in the face.

He speaks.

"I'm gonna remove the sock. A whimper and I'll pull the trigger. There you go. That's a good girl. Now I'm gonna put my cock in your mouth and you're gonna suck me like your life depends on it... Cos it does."

He groans as he ejaculates, but she keeps on sucking and sucking and he relaxes and lets the sensation flood his brain.

"I'm gonna take the gun out of your ass so's I can fuck you, okay?"

She nods, terrified.

"Now turn around and lift your dress."

She complies and he begins his anal assault.

"Moan softly," he suggests as he breathes in her ear.

"Okay," she says as she begins to moan and grunt softly as if she were in the throes of ecstasy.

He grips her hips furiously as he comes inside her again. He removes himself from her and puts his "cock" in her face again.

"Make me come again bitch, or die!" he says with no show of emotion.

She starts re-sucking his "cock" as he re-forces the barrel of the gun up her ass. She doesn't even miss a beat.

"You blow well. You may even live through this."

He watches her gag as she tries to swallow more of him and has more shit go in her mouth. This excites him immensely and soon he is on the verge of coming again.

As he comes, he pulls out of her mouth and comes all over her face.

"Lick it up," he smiles as she tries to obey again. "Do you want to live or die?"


"Sorry, wrong answer."

Bang, bang, bang. Three bullets rip her up internally and a slow agonising death begins.

He gets up, zips up and walks away.

Slowly she dies, from loss of blood and plenty of shame.


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