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Trapped in your world blind and dead,
fooling yourself, thinking I heard a word you said.
Your stare, disapproving, eyes filled with hate
delusional beliefs, your ways condemn me.
Time now for escape.
I've walked down your road
and drank all your poison,
left in despair to live a
life that you've chosen.

Fueled by my will to live how I feel.
Holding my dreams in my blood
that you spill.
Now I've broken your chains and freed my heart,
my life to live, my choice to give,
my eyes to see, my own reasons to be.

I'll walk through your hell, stretched upon the rack,
as you tighten your grip, expecting me to crack.
But I've eaten the pain and beaten my fears.
I possess a power you can never steal.

I'll continue to be all you can not,
and laugh out loud as your noose pulls taught,
your strained hold on me fails, I'm already free.
My eyes wide open and your end I can see.

Never cared for what you believe,
your fear of my sins and this life that I lead.
Hell drags you down, your helpless to act.
My grin ever widening, adding to the weight on your back.
My freedom, your pain, you've lost your tracks.

Now drained of your soul and empty inside,
regret becomes your shackles and ties.
Screaming aloud, you reel in the past,
and drown in the tears that shall be your last.
As the hourglass empties, so does your heart
you are now condemned to play your part.
I've stomped tread on your words,
and spit up all your poision,
no longer bound by the life you've chosen.

Condemning you, I will now live how I feel,
freeing me dreams in your blood that I spill.


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