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I'm cold, I'm so cold.
So cold I can't feel anymore.
It never changes.

No point to it all, when I can't feel.
Nothing seems to matter.
Am I awake? It's all the same.
Is this a new day? I can't tell.

I must've died and this is my hell,
to know I exist yet do not live.

Why can't I get warm? I just want to be warm.
My soul has grown cold and I am lost.
I never wanted to exist simply to breathe.
I need to be.

If only I felt... anything,
something to grasp onto...
but all I feel is dead inside me.

Oh sweet death...
bring peace and release from this...
this empty existence.

Awake again? Shaking in the cold and praying...
praying for a fire that never comes.

A fading dream of warmth.
I stumble in the darkness,
lost and helpless in the void...


for me.


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