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Can you hear IT?
I can hear IT...
IT says I am wrong,
that I'm the one to blame.

Do you hear IT?
I can hear IT...
IT says shame, shame.

So I listen, and I strain,
trying to figure IT out,
trying to give it a name.
And though I give IT all I have,
IT gives me only pain.

Something is wrong,
I look, I listen... but IT is gone.
Where did IT go? Why do I care?
I must do something,
the pain is still there.

So now I sit alone, listening,
waiting for IT to call.
Am I to blame?
Is this some kind of game?
This waiting is killing me.

I've been alone for so long,
I know now, IT wasn't me.
If only I could find the strength
to sing my own song.
I'd show IT who is really wrong.

If only I could point my finger and...
but I won't play IT's game.
I know IT will never change.

It's been forever now,
and IT is still the same.
Nothing has changed,
but now I now ITs name.

IT still never comes around,
but I no longer care.
I've done nothing wrong.
And I've finally found the strength
to sing my own song.

I knew it would be back one day,
I can hear IT calling for me.
Telling me I'm wrong,
telling me how I should be.

But I can't heart IT,
so IT starts to shout.
But my song plays loud
and drowns IT out.
Enraged now, IT screams and shakes,
finally aware that IT is the fake.

...and you... are... IT.


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