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Welcome back to "The Sartain Literary Review" The boys are currently reviewing the third part of "Hummingbird's Child" by Jenny. Boys. Boys! We're on. Take it away, Davy.

Davy: *looks up, startled* Huh? Oh wait, I'm almost done!

Art Wench: *sigh* Let me guess. You haven't read it yet.

Davy: I didn't have time! =(

Mark: *smirking* He had time to write a love letter to the Fluffy One during the break, though.

Art Wench: Davy... if your little cross-universe romance is going to interfere with your life over here, then...

Davy: *engrossed in the story* Oh! that's why it's called "Hummingbird's Child"...

Art Wench: Grr... okay, well then you start Mark, and hopefully our little Romeo will rejoin us when he's finished reading.

Mark: I didn't care for it. The premise is questionable, at best. What manner of madman risks life and limb to save a mere pixie?

Art Wench: But he loves her, Mark.

Mark: *raised brow* How does that work, I ask you - they can't even f -

Art Wench: *cutting him off* You can't say that word on the air!

Davy: *finally finishing story* Aw.... *glares at his brother* Not everyone on the planet equates love with sex, Mark.

Mark: Then they're idiots. Or mad. I know for a fact that you're mad. Getting all attached to a succubus like that. Love's a disease, I tell you. Someone should come up with a drug to cure it. They come up with drugs for all the other mental ills, why not this one? There are entirely too many people running around behaving like Chaos-fucked fools as it is.

Art Wench: Markkastanen! Your language, please! Are you finished ranting now?

Mark: I've only just begun. But please, let the sap comment, since he's an expert on this sort of thing.

Davy: Just for the record, has anyone seen the way he looks at Aerael when he thinks nobody's looking?

Mark: *glare* What are you saying?

Davy: *smug* Please, please, hold all your questions 'til the end. It's my turn to talk now. First off, I like their names. Tyme and Tyde. That's really cute.

Mark: *makes rude gagging noise*

Davy: *shoots brother annoyed look* ...anyway, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, it kinda read like an episode kinda thing, something that introduced the characters, ran them through their paces, and then next week, there's another adventure. I kinda like that.

Mark: It would be better if the mymyc ate the pixie by accident. I would love to see that.

Art Wench: *sigh* Right. Okay, well, on that note, let's move on. Next up: "Redbridge" by Willow. We'll be right back.


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