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Art Wench: Hi and welcome to The Sartain Literary Review - special edition - Poetry Corner! Today we are reviewing Becky's "Your Pretty Life," and as a special treat, we also have a guest. HRH Aubrey Faerever -

Stone *a very short elf with spiky blue-dyed hair, leather jacket, torn jeans and steeltoes*: Call me Stone.

Art Wench: ^_^ - Stone Vaughn -

Stone: *exasperated sigh* Just Stone!

Art Wench: ^_^ - Peridot the Third. Greetings, and thank you for joining us.

Stone: *lighting a cigarette* I only came because you said if I did the next round was on you. *gestures at the tall lean red-haired elf standing behind him* And don't forget Fen.

Art Wench: Oh yes, and his faithful companion/body guard, Fen'Paz.

Fen: *bowing* I'm honored to be here, milady.

Mark: *scowling and glancing at his watch* I've things to do. Can we get this over with, please?

Art Wench: Okay, on with the show. *shudder* Man, I think I felt like this all through JH and through a good chunk of high school to boot. I'm surprised I turned out so well in the end...

*characters start snickering*

Art Wench: *glaring* What? *sigh* It's a bad sign when your imaginary friends start laughing at you.

Davy: Oh, you have imaginary friends too? What are they like? I have one. He's a dog. A dog with a funny deep voice. He tells me to do things. ^_^

*Everyone looks at Davy. Fen starts fingering his sword*

Art Wench: Um... yeah... riiiiiiiight... okay....

Davy: =p I'm just kidding! Geez! *sigh* I know it struck a chord with me... I don't know; I guess it's 'cause I always feel like a bit of a freak.

Stone: *chuckling* Sorry to break it to ya, Davy, but maybe that's 'cause you are? But that's okay - you're alright with me.

Davy: =p Thanks a lot, Keebler.

Stone: =p Hey, I was trying to be nice. Up yours, you two-bit Lestat wannabe!

Davy: *laughing* No, up yours, Poser Smurf!

Stone: *raising his fists* What? Oh, now you've crossed the line, boy! I am definitely not a poser! Dude, I am the real deal!

Mark: *ahem!* Some of us have lives we'd like to get back to. Personally, I don't mind a good piece of poetry now and again, but I can't say that this particularly affected me one way or another. I like to think that I'm above such emotional issues, that I would not permit another's treatment of me to cause me a moment's pain.

Art Wench, Davy and Stone: *cough*WhattaboutDiamand?*cough*

Mark: ...Never mention that name in my presence again. >=( *gets up and stalks away*

Stone: Good riddance. No offence, fang, but your brother totally creeps me out. And I think this poem would be killer with some music to back it up. What do you think, Fen?

Fen: Well, milord, I do not presume to know completely the poet's feelings when she composed this piece, but I will do my best. This poem captures the quintessential angst and loneliness of this modern world, and the desperate need to feel that one belongs. Who has not looked around at everyone around them at some point and felt, "your pretty life makes me sick. Because you will never be as ugly as me."? Surely, we all feel isolated in our misery, and the irony is, when one looks upon another, that person is surely feeling the same ills, and yet we resent them because we believe that their lives are so perfect. Yet this is never the case. No one is satisfied. Everyone is hurting, and that is why everyone will recognize the feeling. Yet, we each in turn will more than likely hurt another in the same way, without even realizing. The broken, jagged, free form style is an excellent choice, as it reflects the raw emotion being expressed with a brutal honesty that is refreshing in it's simplicity. ^_^

*everyone stares at Fen for a moment* O_o

Stone: *smacking Fen* Dude, you are such a 'noser!

Fen: *blink* But milord, you did ask for my opinion... did I say something wrong?

Art Wench: Um... okay, well, thank you Fen... that's about all the time we have. Thank you for tuning in to our special edition of "The Sartain Literary Review". Good Night.


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