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Okay, on with the show... last but certainly not least, we have "Redbridge" by Willow. Boys?

Davy: *wincing* I found it to be a little bit disturbing. I don't like stories about vampire hunters. All too often they get carried away, and next thing you know they're hosing you down with holy water and trying to poke you with sticks. Do I look evil to you? Well do I? I mean, besides the wings. And the fangs. Well, okay, maybe I look just a little bit evil. But I was born this way. It's not my fault. =(

Mark: *mock concern* Aw... poor little brother will have nightmares tonight... I am certainly glad that none of those methods of killing vampires applies to our kind. *nasty grin* Although running a stake through the heart of *anything* tends to work, nine times out of ten. Do you know a fun way to torture the Undead? You get a box of toothpicks, and an eyedropper full of holy water, and -

Art Wench: Boys, boys, BOYS!!! We're reviewing Willow's story. And I know a few things that do work on your kind. Such as iron. Now start reviewing, or I'm going to the garage to see what I can find!

Davy: *sticks out tongue* Slave driver.

Art Wench: Do I look like I'm kidding, Adavidarian?

Davy: Sorry. *pout*

Mark: Actually, Redbridge sounds like a delightful lass. A woman that won't talk back. Of course, that does have its drawbacks. I wonder what it would take to make her scream?

Art Wench: Markkastanen!

Mark: *raising brow* What? What did I say to offend your oh-so-proper sensibilities this time?

Art Wench: If you have to ask...

Davy: Anyway, we went back and read the story from the beginning -

Mark: *yawning* We did?

Davy: *glaring at his brother for a moment before continuing* - It's well-paced, extremely entertaining, despite the subject matter *shiver*, and it left me hungry for more.

Thank you Willow! And thank you, Mark and Davy. This concludes our show. Goodnight!


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