Second Helpings

by Stygia



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Corrine would always drive. Steph hated driving.

Nothing much was happening that night. They had taken a stroll by the seashore, under the moonlight, and gotten home early. Corrine drove into the garage and hastened to the passenger side to open the door for Steph. She loved that.

Steph went straight to the fridge for a glass of O pos. Corrine went to the living room to put on some music. Sting's "Sister Moon" echoed through the house. Corrine closed her eyes, smiled that special, wicked smile and, already enraptured, caught up with Steph in the kitchen. They danced their way back to the living room. Stephanie was about to say something, but couldn't. Corrine's smile always left her speechless. She could become lost in that smile and in those blue eyes. The sun could come out and destroy her and she wouldn't even feel the pain.

Corrine's hands traveled slowly down Steph's arms, alternately caressing, massaging, and scratching lightly. Strangely, Steph found her undead body responding. By the time Corrine got to her breasts, Steph was already ripping both their blouses off. "Yes, yes," she whispered, "drain me. Diablerize me."

Corrine bit once... twice... thrice... harder... rougher... she held on to the shivering Stephanie and laid her down on the sofa, and then drank some more, just to watch her writhe. She would bite in, drink just enough to bring on the rapture, then lick the wound closed.

When the bloodlust became maddening enough to make her oblivious even to the music, Stephanie leapt, pinning her Sire down to the floor. Then a slim ray of hesitation seemed to illuminate her face as she realized that was HER SIRE she was attacking. "Do it; you know you want to." Corrine's tone was lustful and playful at the same time... and spiced with just a dash of Majesty. Stephanie bit and drank... deeply, passionately, desperately. Corrine trembled beneath her. Her nails dug into Stephanie's back, punctuating the ecstasy. They drank from each other then. The bliss was neverending. At least, it didn't have to end--not that night, anyway.

The next evening would find them still lying next to each other on the living room floor. They took their own sweet time caressing each other; finally Stephanie spoke...

"Oh, by the way... about that dessert..."

...and smiling wickedly, she licked her drawn fangs...


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