Any Means Necessary

By Umbra



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Her eyes unguarded, are filled with fear.
Her soul is a bleak and arrid desert.
He took her heart and shattered its beauty.
He took her body against her cries.

Her heart has scars unhealing.
Her soul wounds are eternal.
He beat her body with his hands,
he raped her spirit with his words.

And a love they cultivated, that once burned brightly,
sputters and dies inside his hands.
Fear and memories, love and pain, promises she made,
tie her heart and battered soul to his.

She finds no exit signs upon the one way streets,
she sees not light inside her darkness.
His laughter is cold and cruel,
his maze is not escapable.

She danced and played the devil's game,
she found herself imprisoned as
his prize in all her terror, and she will stay
his by any means necessary... she finds no exits here.


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