Before I Sleep

By Umbra



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Before I sleep I have these words to say,
I will raise my voice high against the gale,
and maybe someone will hear me,
maybe someone will notice me.
Maybe someone will know....
    Life is full of this endless pain.
    Those you were meant to trust,
    Take that trust and pervert it,
    Using you for their ends,
    and then discarding your cold corpse
    along the roadside,
    They never look back.
They never hear your screams in the darkness.
No one answers your pleas for forgiveness.
And when one finally turns around
after trampling upon your battered corpse,
it is too late.
The cuts were deeper then before,
the blood ran fast and deep.
The body began to get cold,
the skin pale and blue
as the eyelids closed in sleep,
a sleep eternal...


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