On Borrowed Time

By Umbra



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I stole these moments with you,
swam through a black ocean
and into your arms, into your kisses,
and into your bed.
And you took me,
body, heart and soul.
You arranged yourself diffrently
inside of my heart.
Your eyes and body loved me there,
even as your heart and soul held back.
And within these stolen moments
I watched you in your sleep.
A sleep so restful and sound,
and yet your body knew me,
knew when I would move.
And you would be there,
your lips ready to kiss me,
your hands ready to touch me,
your arms ready to hold me,
your body ready to love me.
I lost myself there within the night,
to find myself in the morning,
as you slept against the sunrise.
I watched you from the doorway
as you gently dreamed of god knows what.
I longed to crawl back into that bed again,
to feel your lips against mine own,
to hold you within my hands and arms,
to caress and love.
But everything that is stolen,
must one day return,
and so part of my got lost there,
as the rest clamored back into the ocean,
and swam away from your arms, your kisses,
your bed, and I fear...
your heart.


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