Playing with Fire

By Umbra



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I wonder if it is only skin I touch,
when I reach for you?
As I lay down,
gently wrapped within your arms,
if you even feel me there?
Our lips burned against each other,
fast and passionate,
and every inch of us was consumed
within this great fire.
But I wonder if it is me you feel against you?
Was it really me you felt naked aginst your skin?
Or was I the one that left you,
or maybe the one you walked away from?
Was I the love that loved you in these embraces?
Or was I the substitute body
connected to the face within your mind?
Each kiss is a stay in heaven and hell,
the ecstasy and the agony of loving one with a broken heart,
loving one with a shattered soul.
And each time you take me,
I wonder if I am really the one on this ride with you,
or are we just playing with fire,
waiting for it to burn me into someone else?


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