Fair Ones

By Willow Taylor



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The fair ones dance on yonder hill
Dare not to draw close o
Why do they call these dancers fair?
When they inspire such fear o?
Are they fair for their long golden hair
Or are they fair for pale skin, o
Or rather are they names like the kindly ones
When it's time for the table to be leveled o.
The fair ones dance in yonder grove
Do not follow their song o
For those that live under hill
Care not for our lives o
Their lives are long, compared to ours,
So why would they follow our rules o?
Their rules, their dance are only their own
And we, dear one must not follow.
The fair ones dance along the stream
Follow not in their path o
I know you won't heed this warning,
For you must make your own mind o
But remember I said it, remember my face
When you dance in the fair o.


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