Fight Back

By Willow Taylor



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Roll over, sit up, beg;
Blindly obey - blindly refuse;
Don't you care enough to care?
Aren't you as much a person as me?
If obeying is release
Must you be that free?
Snap, parry, Thrust;
Growling - or Backing down;
Yes I'm baiting, I'm waiting.
No longer about who is right
Looking for resolution
Don't you care enough to fight?
Duck, dodge, hide away;
Avoiding the issue - Taking it on;
Why don't you take your side?
I can't believe you still agree
You must have opinions of your own,
So why not let me see?
So face me if you can
Or let me go at least
I need to fight to work it out,
Which is why I want too scream
When every time we start to fight
And you walk away from me.


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