The Good Samaritan - Matt and Alexa's Story

By Lotusnoir with Matt Moore

Part I



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Alexandra sighed, again. "I'm bored, Nothing. This inactivity is killing me." She walked around the room until she reached an old but very comfortable chair and plopped there, draping her long legs over one arm and letting her hair hang down over the other. She was almost pouting.

The mage, who was measuring ingredients and putting them in a silver inlaid skull bowl answered absently "So go do something, practice your spells, go gather herbs, get minerals, study some more. There is always something left to learn, Alexa."

"That's precisely why I'm bored! Always reading, always practicing, never getting a chance of doing something interesting! What's the use of having all this knowledge and all these powers if I never get to use them!" She sat up and glared at Nothing's back, who kept measuring and mixing without looking at her.

She then got up and went to where he stood, walked around the table and facing him she said, "Why don't we go on an expedition Nothing? Go loot some dragon's cave, steal some mage's spell books, disguise ourselves like a noble and his lady and fool some king or princeling into lodging us and give us free food and entertainment? Live a little, like we used to? You cannot expect me to sit here and stay cooped up forever. Sometimes I wish I was still a slave with the Company, dancing and throwing knives. At least we traveled..."

Nothing looked up at her and simply said "Alexandra, be a good girl and lower your voice, you're making me lose my concentration and I'm nearing a tricky part on this potion. If I don't do this right, who knows what may happen, what noxious poison may be the result." Then he went back to his potion.

Alexandra gave him a look that would have made someone else tremble in fear (and some had) and stomped out of the room, but not before saying "I'm going away, don't know when I'll be coming back, so don't wait for me." And she left for her room. Once there she sat down hard on her down filled mattress and putting her chin on her hands she began to think out loud "What is it with him? He's been so withdrawn lately but what else can I do to get him out of that mood? If I don't get away for a while I'll go crazy. Gods know I love that man, but sometimes he exasperates me. Now what to do, where to go?" She espied a book she had been studying some two years ago and decided to look at it. The title on the cover said Interdimensional travels - How to get from here to there in the blink of an eye. She took it, and she opened it on the last page she had marked and began to read. She read for some time, taking special note on what she had marked as important, closed the book and said to herself "Why not?"

She opened a small ornate chest she had with all her magical stuff and taking out what she needed she began to pound minerals and herbs on a bone mortar, all the while chanting the words that would empower the mixture. She mixed some water in and when she had a paste, she went to one of her bedroom walls and still chanting, drew an arched door. She kept chanting until the outline shimmered and a swirling cloud appeared where once a solid wall was before. She then gathered her bag of holding and intoning the passage spell she walked through the wall...


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