Lo<ve in> Ve[in]
Section 1.2

by Shawn Phillips



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I waited a week, a long excruciating week, before I dared to adventure forward. I stayed behind after shift, after the five o'clock whistle blew, claiming I was staying to work late. The management level I entered in granted me access to most areas, including the work floor. Well after everyone had left, and after the sun had set, I ventured down to the work floor.

I could barely contain my excitement, I had never actually felt my hormones cause me to react in such a physical way from just the anticipation. My walk down the stairs and across the floor brought me to one of the robots that was just finished before the ned of the day. It was beautiful, no beyond beautiful. It was like the day I first gelt like this, only more real, more in my hands. I stood before the mass of metal and plastic, noting the rigid lines, the sharp angular form, the proper balance of vertical firmness and horizontal ruggedness.

I reached out with my fingers, delicately, cautious as if to shatter this vision. I could feel myself trembling as I gained courage to explore further. My hand pressed against its broad chestpiece. I could see where my fingers left their work. This concerned me at first, but I relaxed when I realized that I can clean it up later before I leave. I pressed myself against the machine, clinging to it desperately. Grinding my forehead and leg against it in unison, I could feel my heart vibrate from me to this monolith and back. There was an unusual suppleness to the solid curves of it, and it gave me goosebumps, and, I must be crazy to be admitting this! it made my aerolas pucker. My entire body was burning, so sensitive, and yet I wanted more.

As if I just became aware that someone could have come in and have been watching me, I looked around cautiously. Satisfied that I was still alone, I slid my hands from my silent companion, and reached for the front of my blouse. It seemd to be the most difficult thing I had ever done in my life, my fingers mush, attempting to unfasten the buttons. Somehow, I managed to expose my skin, pulling myself free of any restraints. Embracing it again, I began to shudder. I held on, the contrast of my flesh against its steel sending me into a rush I had never experienced before. I wonder now if it weren't more psychological than actual physical stimulation that drove me so.

After several moments I looked to my watch. Noting the late hour, I gathered myself together, and polished off the robot I had used for ulterior motives. Once cleaning up after myself, I hastily made my way home.


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