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Braving the Sirens of Rain and Reflection (NR)

Dope, Dreams and Deliverance (D, G, N, V)
    One - Conception
    Two - Infection (Borne of Dream)
    Three - Initiate
    Four - Transition (One)
    Five - Soilent Xylocaine
    Six - Encyclopaedia Ammonia/Retribution in Pacifica
    Seven - Jewels and Nymphæ, All in a Name
    Eight - The Birth of the Iron Age
    Nine - Biased Lithography

Dinner (NR)

Dying in Me (NR)

Lo<ve in> Ve[in] (G, S, V)
    Section 1.1
    Section 1.2
    Section 1.3
    Section 1.4
    Section 2.1
    Section 2.2
    Section 2.3
    Section 2.4

My Samhain Tale (G, L, V)

Neuron Acupuncture (G)

Orchids Blooming, Leaves Falling (G, V)

Post-Romantic Prose: The Quest for an Answer of Past Reciprocation or Death [excerpts] (V)

A Rest Area Along Interstate 3 (NR)

The Torture of Reincarnation (V)


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