Lo<ve in> Ve[in]
Section 1.3

by Shawn Phillips



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This continued for several weeks, each encounter more intense than the previous. But again, it wasn't enough for me. An hour at night, once a week, was not adequate. I could not risk staying after everyone else every night. And yet my yearning was never completely satisfied, but only grew.

What was I to do? If I hadn't done anything criminal by this point, to outright steal... but I just had to have one I could have access to whenever I wanted. To be able to sate my tormenting desires, I had to sneak one out and be done with it.

After some difficulty, I managed to stealth my catch to my home. I could not move fast enough to examine the robot in my chambers. Oh, to feel its smooth reflection in my hands, enveloping me, crushing me, peaking me, releasing me... I wake up the next morning to the alarm clock buzzing. Looking about my room, there stood my machine. I studied my person, and concluded I should shower before work.

It was noted that the count was one off for completed products, but I wasn't questioned. However, a week later I was sent an anonymous electronic mail, stating that they knew my secret, and if I didn't resign, they would let the truth be known to my superiors. This was horrible! Someone must have seen me on one of those nights, and most assuredly had evidence. This was terrible blackmail, and there was no way out of it, except to quit. I gave my notice of resignation two days later.

I eventually moved from my home, finding similar work in a nearby city. I didn't want to be the subject of rumours, nor could I bear other people's eyes on me wherever I went. Am I really that alone in this world, to have to be so secretive? This heartache, so rending. At least I have my solace when I return home at night, oh, those cherished nights!

My lust slowly became a strong addiction. I began to take more risks as my need grew. I would "borrow" parts from the storerooms to keep me company in my office, holding them close to my personal self, curbing my appetite. It was always so difficult to keep from raising attention toward myself, muffling my inner sirens.

And still I wanted more. How was I to build on the already stalwart strength I would draw from? I went back to what else I initially had learned and had aroused me. And I knew the next step was to give it power.

I dug out my electronics and wiring notes from school and set to work.


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