Lo<ve in> Ve[in]
Section 2.4

by Shawn Phillips



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The room was surrounded by the smell of sweat, sex, and other bodily odors emitted during carnal release like a heavy crimson curtain. Tied to the bed by shredded strips of the daisy-printed pillow case, he panted and swallowed while watching her backside and pale buttocks rise and fall from his member. All he could think of was 'tight.' All he could mutter in between thrusts was "tight." It never had been this good with anyone.

She loved it like this. Somehow, in her mind, she felt she was getting even with the law, commiting something so savage, so dirty, so... illegal in the boundaries of privacy. She bit her lip in the overwelming waves of pleasing and painful stimulation. As she opened her mouth in a cry, pushing her tongue out, she tasted metal coating her lip. Yes, this is what she wanted.

"Don't come yet," she purred, crawling off of him. His erection, free of her body for the moment, dripped various shades of white and grey. Even in the faint light, she could see it twitch.

"I already have three times," he squeaked, wheezing out the words as she curled up in front of his messy privates. "God, I thought we would have gotten caught by now!"

"Shh," was all she had to say as she went down on him, fluids, flesh and all. The mix of both of their bodily fluids was like a fuck cocktail for her, all-in-one sex-cicle. She went faster, keeping him at edge, saving his ecstatic agony. He bucked, but she stayed with him, not missing a stroke.

Then, as he reached his peak, grey everywhere. Soaking the bed, flowing from his crotch, coating her face, the grey stained dark red. He was no longer screaming. Good. She could now enjoy the rest of him in peace. But the first morsel is always the best.

And it would be her last.

The door caved in behind her, as figures covered in blue armour rushed into the room, taking aim at her blood-painted form. The pink neon light from outside bathed their backsides, the cocking of their guns resonating loudly. A voice, tinny and prerecorded squawked from the leading figure. "Citizen, you have v-v-violated cod-d-des 2401a, 1612c through 1612f, 7845, and 1804d. It has-s-s-s been r-r-ruled that you will be term-m-m-minat-t-ted with no allowance for appeal."

She stared blankly at her last sight of the machinated world, the boy's and her own blood and cum dripping from her face, waves of lust clouding her mind as they did twenty years ago.

"Have a n-n-n-nice k-k-k d-d-d-da..."


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