To See Beyond Sight

by Talon God Child

Interlude - Arminius' Monologue



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Who are you?

I see you in my dreams. You watch me, I watch you.

You stand before me, now every night, and we stare at each other without words.

Who are you?

Why do you watch me?

And will we ever meet?

I pray not, because I'm not the same boy you used to see.

I am nothing.

I am everything.

I am a doll.

Yes, that's right, don't look so shocked. I am a lifeless, emotionless doll, who exists day by meaningless day in a haze of feeling and sound that all blend together into nonsensical babble.

I am a doll.

I come to life when I am needed. When someone stands before me and begs me to rid their home of spirits. And so I do, but when I return, I become a doll once again.

I eat. I breathe. I move. I walk. But I rarely sleep anymore. I don't want to now. But when I do, I sometimes dream of you.

I eat. I breathe. I move. I walk. But I do not truly live anymore.

The people here, they hate me, though they do not say it. I am a freakish doll to them. It doesn't matter who I saved. It doesn't matter if my loss of my emotions won them their freedom back. It doesn't matter to them that I cling to sanity only by the thinnest thread after ridding their town of its spirit scourge. No. They only see a freak, who must be avoided. They only see a doll, who sits there and gazes at them blindly, impassively, day by day.

They are why I exist this way.

I have no reason to live anymore. I have no reason to love anymore. To laugh, to cry, to play, to even walk amongst them. They do not accept me, and they never will again. In fact, they never did.

So, are you certain we should keep meeting like this?

Where are you going?

Are you abandoning me too?

It's better that way, I suppose.

I am a doll.

I need no one.


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