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Addict's Indulgence (D, L, S)

The Hunter Chronicles - Honor Bound (L, V)
    Prologue - Fear the Night
    Chapter One - A Boy Meets the Man
    Chapter Two - The Day After
    Chapter Three - Training Begins
    Chapter Four - Confrontation
    Epilogue - The Road Less Traveled

To See Beyond Sight (D, V)
    Prologue - The Birth of a Visionary
    Part 1 - Night Terrors
    Part 2 - A Touch of Madness?
    Part 3 - Daddy...
    Interlude - Rieken's Tarot
    Part 4 - Trying to Cope
    Interlude - The Cards Speak of the Boy
    Part 5 - The Edge of Despair
    Interlude - Distant Angels
    Part 6 - A New Path...
    Part 7 - The First Hunt
    Interlude - The Circle Is Soon to Be Complete
    Interlude - Arminius' Monologue
    Part 8 - The Immortal Doll
    Epilogue - Three Centuries Later...

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