To See Beyond Sight

by Talon God Child

Epilogue - Three Centuries Later...



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He gazed silently at the others, from his vantage point at Riekin's right hand, as the treatises were signed by the Humanitarian Council of the Citadel. These treatises granted the new class, the Hunter Class, sovereignty over the lands that were forever to be known as the Shuurai Continent.

He moved slowly as he heard Riekin take up a feathered quill, and did the same as he listened to Riekin's flowing signature be added just under the heading decreeing that the hunters had indeed followed all protocols in this venture, and that they now existed as a separate entity from the continent of Torah, and were autonomous from the government of the Citadel.

The first of the papers was passed to him, and he waited a moment, hesitating...

"Lord Master Corelsti, may I assist you?"

"Thank you, Sir Ataragon." Arminius smiled as one of his Knights, another Seer, a proud spirit hunter, guided his hand to the place he should sign. "It pleases me that my own dear ones are gifted with sight and assist me so readily."

And so he added his signatures to the documents that would change history forever. A document that would eventually lead to wars and strife, yes, but that would also lead to the construction of the most peaceful and glorious empire that had ever existed.

He could, afterall, foresee it.


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