To See Beyond Sight

by Talon God Child

Part Three - Daddy...



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"Good night, sweetheart."

"Good night."

"No school tomorrow, it's the weekend."

"I know."

"Sleep well."

"I'll try."

He sighed as his mother closed the door to his room, and snuggled down under the covers wearily. Another bad day at school, but at least it made weekends seem nicer. Maybe tomorrow he could sit and listen to his mother sing while she worked?

You've grown so much...


Arminius sat up slowly, his white eyes opening and gazing at the foot of his bed.

A man sat there, whiter than any he'd ever seen before, whiter than the other visions. His hair was white, his skin was as well, but his eyes were a warm, almost glistening pale pink. He smiled at Arminius kindly, gazing at him over his shoulder.

"Who are you?" Arminius whispered, for he wasn't afraid of this man... no, not at all.

My name is Lucian, Arminius. Or rather, it was. Lucian Corelsti.

"D...Daddy?" Arminius posed the word almost hopefully, almost fearfully, and the vision nodded and smiled. "Daddy!"

Shhh, shhh, no need to wake your mother, or worry her. Lucian shook his head and continued to smile. I've been wanting to talk with you... and now I know I must, because they're coming to you more, aren't they?

Arminius nodded distantly.

You're a very special little boy, Arminius, a very special boy. Lucian smiled softly. You can see us, when no one else can. You can see the spirits of those who passed away, before they could finish their business here, and therefore cannot rest.

It must be frightening, but I'm here to teach you what it is you see, so you won't be so afraid...

And I'm here to teach you how to stop them from ever hurting anyone close to you again.

"Why won't you turn around?"

Because I'm a mess, you. Lucian chuckled softly. I don't want to scare you. I didn't die a very pretty death, and I don't want to scare you with how I look now.

"Sometime, show me?" Arminius pleaded, and Lucian nodded slowly. "Promise?" Another nod.

Very well, let's get to it. You're able to see, hear, and speak with the dead. And in you is the power to lay us to rest.

I'll teach you everything I can, Arminius... My sweet, sweet son...

And so, for the next two years of his life, Arminius didn't mind nightfall.

His father, Lucian, came every night, and tutored Arminius for an hour or so (longer on the weekends and during summer) on the ways and workings of the spirit world. He taught Arminius how to conjure spirits, and how to send them away from him. He taught the boy how to locate them, how to calm them, and how to bind them in place. And most of all, he taught Arminius how to send them on to their final rest, regardless of whether they wished it or not.

Now, recite the chant again, for me.

Arminius opened his eyes as his father's voice resounded through the room, and smiled as he sat up, gazing at his father...

Lucian Corelsti stood at the foot of the bed, gazing softly at his son. Arminius uttered a soft gasp as he saw his father from the front for the first time... saw the gaping wound that stretched from his throat to his groin. Lucian's expression was pained, but he said nothing.


I've taught you everything I could, Arminius, and now it's time for you to do something for me. Lucian moved closer, and held his hands in the air, focused for a moment, and produced something that, to Arminius' eyes, seemed to blaze with white light. He handed it to the boy, who felt it to be a long, sharp blade.

I've spent ten years, in this state, waiting to teach you. Lucian drew the boy close. And now I have completed my goal.

Arminius, I want you to do two things for me.

Tell your mother, that I love her eternally, even in death.

And do me the honor, of being the first spirit you lay to rest.

"...It's not fair," Arminius whispered, and his father embraced him tighter. "Why!"

Because I must move on, Arminius, Lucian sighed softly. I've stayed here so long... I tire of it... I want to rest.

"...I understand..."

Arminius slowly got out of bed, and took up the blade he'd been handed.

"By death's kneel be ridden,
And winds of guidance
Wing thee to thy rest."

He closed his eyes and focused, still mouthing the words he'd just spoken as he raised the blade over head.

"By the warmth of my
Love, I send thee,
May the gates of the other world
Open to receive thee."

With that, he drew the blade through the air, in a complex series of strokes, aimed towards the spirit of his father. Lucian stood calmly, quietly, and smiled softly as Arminius gazed at him for one long moment.

"...Good bye..." Arminius whispered. "And rest in peace."

With that final word, Arminius waved a hand towards the series of light strokes he'd drawn in mid-air, which only he and his father could see. The light surrounded his father, who tilted his head back and sighed happily.

I love you, son... and you've made me proud...


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