The Hunter Chronicles - Honor Bound

by Talon God Child




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Apprentice: A youth who is taken in by a hunter to be trained in their philosophy, ways, and fighting. The youth is usually an orphan, and the hunter discreetly takes the role of a father figure.

"Akshanteila!" (Ahk-Shahn-Tay-lah): "For honor", the battle cry of Samael's guild.

Familial Terms: All hunters believe themselves as outcasts from their families, and they accept one another as family. Brother is the term for hunters of the same qualification; Cousin is for those of different qualifications.
Ex: Vampire hunter to vampire hunter: Brother
Vampire hunter to demon hunter: Cousin

Catachysm: A standard term for the nuclear war that nearly wiped out mankind and weakened them enough for vampire kind to finally emerge from the darkness and claim rule over them.

Citadel: A highly militaristic city, it's the capitol of the Toroah continent. Hunters are to remain at least fifteen kilometers from the city limits, due to the falling out between the hunters and the Citadel during the War of the Fall of the Light. The "Capitol of the Human Empire", the Citadel's ruling circle tends to spread dark rumors about hunters, which are usually countered by their actual deeds.

Council of Masters: The supreme order of the hunters, a council formed of representatives of every hunter class. Their word is law and their judgment goes unquestioned by most... Samael Dominais is constantly challenging their authority.

Cyborg Horse: Hunters have found that organic horses are too easily killed or spooked by vampires, and thus they remedied it. Their mounts are horses of cybernetic artwork, rippling cybernetic muscles, reaction time equal to a hunter's, and the ability to think and judge their actions.

Demon Hunter: Highly esteemed members of the hunter ranks, they are sanctioned by the church to hunt down demonic creatures for the good of the people.

Dominais, Samael (Dom-in-ayus, Sam-ey-el): A mysterious man, a hunter of both vampires and demons. It is rumored he's over five hundred years old, yet he retains the appearance of a nineteen-year-old man. The most solitary of all.

Guild: Amongst the hunter ranks, they separate into groups affectionately termed as guilds. Each has its own code of honor and style of uniform, as well as their own choices of weapons.

Guild of the Sanctuary of the Masters: Samael's guild, also the highest-ranking guild of the vampire hunter ranks. These hunters are active in the field, but when they return to the Sanctuary they are bound to act as bodyguards for the Masters.

Hunter Code: The stringent rules of conduct by which all hunters are to live by. Among other things, it involves chivalry, honor, purity, compassion, loyalty, and dedication.

Hunter's Law: An agreement between the council of masters and mankind. A hunter who claims Hunter's Law is partial to everything he asks. The law guarantees that the hunter has full claim to his payment, lodgings, and investigation methods. Though, there are many that like to challenge the old law.

Hunter Language: The hunter language is a secret code taught to all of the class. It sounds like a strange mix of an Asian language, Latin, Spanish, and gibberish.

Honor: A hunter lives by his honor and sword, if his honor is broken, he takes his life with his own sword.

Illumina: The center of two world religions, and one of the wonders of the world, a center for culture, the arts, and the base of operations for all demon hunters. Though it is also a focal point for other hunters.

Knight: The highest rank attainable by a hunter in active duty, they act as bodyguards and diplomats for the Lord Master of their classification.

Lord Master: The leader of a hunter classification. Little is known about these men by any other than the hunters themselves.

Masters: The leaders of the hunter ranks, a master is named for each and every classification of hunter. That one decides who will be admitted into the ranks, and passes judgment on those who break the code.

Nobility: The vampires rule the earth as noblemen, thus they are called nobles or aristocrats.

Pre-Catachysm: The years before the Catachysm, when mankind ruled itself and vampires were a mere folk tale.

Rebellion, the: A point, seven hundred years ago, when mankind rebelled against the vampire scourge and fought back. The hunter class was a mere nuisance to vampire kind before the Rebellion, but became a full threat during the early days, when the hunter ranks tripled in number while receiving aid from humans unable to fight. The result of the victory was humans rule the day, vampires rule the night... a bit like it used to be.

Religion: There are only three different religions in the world, Old World, Hunter, and New World religions. While New and Old World are monotheistic, the Hunter religion is polytheistic.

Sanctuary: A hidden "city" of hunters, where a council resides and presides over things pertaining to hunter society. Not on as large a scale as Illumina, but enough for a hunter to watch himself carefully when going there.

Seimaden: Equivalent to a capitol city, made up specifically of one variety of hunters. Usually well hidden and fortified, a Seimaden is also home to the Lord Master of that hunter sect.

Shuurai: The "continent" bordering Toroah, as many continents are only separated by a border. Commonly known as the Hunter's Kingdom, as hunters operate the government and have high standing in society. Human and hunter society is still different though, and there are few vampires. The only vampire lords in Shuurai are those who are kind to their human subjects. Shuurai is regarded as the birthplace of the hunters, as well as the center of religon and culture. Its capitol city is Illumina, which is also the demon hunter Seimaden.

Toroah: The continent bordering Shuurai, as well as the location of the Citadel. Commonly called the center of the human empire, Toroah's capitol is the highly militaristic Citadel. One of the more interesting things about Toroah is the fact that hunters are not welcomed there by the common populace; indeed, they're almost hated by a vast majority of the people. Toroah and Shuurai have been enemies for centuries.

Vampire Hunter: The highest-ranking of all hunters, they also have the most dangerous occupation. That explains their long swords; any closer to a vampire is too close for comfort.

The War of the Fall of the Light: One hundred years after the Rebellion, a war between the capitol city of one of the seven continents and the hunters was started over rather trivial matters. It was a long and bloody war, and many lives were lost on both sides. This was the birth of fear towards the hunters, as this was also the first war during which they wielded their magics against human foes. (Also known as the First Hunter's War).

Xavier, Daniel: son of the former mayor of Branbury, he was given to Samael as payment. A compassionate and dedicated youth, who sees good somewhere within the hunter's heart.


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