The Hunter Chronicles - Honor Bound

by Talon God Child

Epilogue - The Road Less Traveled



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Three weeks later, two figures traveled the moors, their shadows cast by the setting sun. One was a stately rider, cloaked and armed with a large sword. The other was a youth, who bore no cloak or sign of honors, but walked with a pride uncommon to those of his age.

"So, where are we going?" the youth asked.

"...You'll have to wait and see."

"Thank you for taking me with you."

"I need an apprentice, that's all."

"There's more than that." The youth looked up at the hunter. "You care about me, I can tell. You're not as cold as you seem."

"I don't have a good track record with apprentices," the hunter warned. "They don't listen well. You'd best be different... I don't want to have to drag your lifeless body out of some castle."

"Of course I'll listen." The youth smiled, shaking his head. "You're not as - "

"Oh hush!" This kid's going to be the end of me! The hunter Samael shook his head in exasperation. And that's the honest truth!

You'll show emotion yet, Samael, Daniel thought happily. I'm glad to be traveling with you... Your apprentice.

"So Samael, do hunters ever have kids?"


"Never mind."


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