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The Actress (N, S)

Adavidarian Sartain - Babysitter (L, V)

Addict's Indulgence (D, L, S)

Alternate Chording (S)

Angel's Son (NR)

Background (NR)

Bargains Prologue (L, V)

Bargains (A)

Basement Parking (A)

Beautiful Oblivion (L, V)

Black Eyed Dog (L)

Bodice Ripper (G, S, V)

The Breakdown (G, V)

Butterflies Don't Bite (NR)

Care to Dance? (L, V)

Catharsis (A)

Children (Original Sin) (D, V)

Children of the Sun (G, N, S, V)

Children of the Rain (NR)

Cousin Scott (D)

Da Toob (D)

Dancing in the Dark (N, S, V)

Dark Water (D, L, V)

The Darkness (V)

The Dead Heart (D, L, S, V)

Despair (A)

Dope, Dreams and Deliverance (D, G, N, V)

The Drakthos (A)

DrezEarth: A Tale of Destiny (NR)

Elenore Rigby (V)

An Eternity with You (NR)

Euphony (L)

The Excuse (D, V)

Fallen Angel (V)

False Alarms (BD, L, N, S)

Far Too Late (NR)

Femme Fatale (L, S, V)

Folly of My Sin (NR)

Fresh Blood (G, N, S, V)

Gabryl Tse Niyol (L)

Gangrel Tales: Little Black Bimbo (L)

A Ghost's Story (NR)

The Good Samaritan (S, V)

Haunted House (D, L, V)

The Healer's Nightmare (V)

Hobbling the Pale Horse (NR)

Hummingbird's Child (NR)

The Hunter Chronicles - Honor Bound (L, V)

The Importance of Being Dainty (NR)

James' Halloween (NR)

Learning Experiences (G, L, V)

A Little Fun with Davy and Io (L, N)

Lo<ve in> Ve[in] (G, S, V)
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    Section 2.1

Main Course (S)

Meggie's Monsters (D, V)

Memories of Bones (V)

The Mercenary King (S)

The Moon and Earth (NR)

My Samhain Tale (G, L, V)

Natalie (D, S)

Natalie's Response (D, V)

Night Hunt (G, L, V)

Nightmare (G, S, V)

No More I Love Yous (V)

The Note (S)

One Last Kiss (G, V)

Opal Dance (L, G, S, V)

Orchids Blooming, Leaves Falling (G, V)

Piloting Error (NR)

Pissed (L, N)

Prologue (G, S, V)

The Rain (L)

Rave with the Fishes (L, S, V)

Red (L, N, S)

Redbridge (V)

A Rest Area Along Interstate 3 (NR)

Return of the Demons (V)

Revenge (G, N, S, V)

Rogue Hunters (V)

Rojak (NR)

Rumors (G, L, V)

The Seance (L)

Second Helpings (S)

Self (D, V)

Shackled (V)

Shadow Songs (G)

Shadow's Child (D, G, L, V)

A Short Ghost Story (NR)

Skink Critique (NR)

Soulmates (NR)

The Spark of Creation (G, V)

Spider's Web (A)

Stained Glass (D, S)

Stoned (NR)

Sweet Alice (L, S)

Sweeter Than Sex and Wine (D, L, N, S)

Tears Apart (S, V)

To See Beyond Sight (D, V)

The Travellers of Gor (L)

Untitled (The dust owned the air in the mansion) (D, G)

Untitled One (G, V)

Vampire Love (L, S)

The Vampire's Egg (V)

Wake Up Dead Man (G, L, S, V)

The Wanderer Returns (NR)

Whispering Breeze (S)

Within You (D, G, V)

Wolves of the Horned God (G, V)


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